Tiger Airways Airport Terminal Facilities

Many of the airports that Tiger Airways fly into are the main airport for that destination.

But because they may be referred to as a low cost carrier Tiger Airways may be on the look out for cheaper, less central airports to use.

These budget terminals are usually just that - budget, without the frills and expense that you will see at main terminal buildings used by larger airlines. That is usually how low cost carriers save money, and by which they claim to offer you lower fares.

Sometimes, these Airports are well outside the city area that you are intending to visit and may require significant travel by bus, train or car to get to your final destination.

So don't expect anything too flash when you get to a specific low cost terminal. However, that doesn't mean that basic facilities, or good transfer arrangements shouldn't exist.

How have you found the facilities at Tiger Airways terminals?

Do the terminal facilities meet acceptable standards?

Any other issues, complaints or problems with Tiger Airways Terminal facilities?

Post your review and comments below.

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