Lost or Delayed Baggage Luggage at Tiger Airways

Every airline in the world has lost or delayed a piece of passenger luggage. All passengers should understand that there is a small chance that their baggage will be mislaid, lost or stolen.

However, it is how airlines such as Tiger Airways deals with the lost, misplaced, delayed or stolen luggage that is the biggest issue. The one thing most passengers want is to be reunited with their possessions as quickly as possible. Particularly when they have arrived at their first destination.

However, if they cant get their baggage quickly, passengers expect that an airline will do all they can to retrieve the item, and keep the passenger informed of the search. And it stands to reason that people will want some form of compensation for the loss or delay, if only a small amount to purchase essential items.

Have you had lost, delayed or stolen baggage when flying Tiger Airways?

How were you treated by Tiger Airways - were you compensated and kept informed?

How quickly was the situation rectified by Tiger Airways?

Any other issues, complaints or problems with Tiger Airways Plane Lost and Delayed Baggage?

Post your review and comments below.


  1. Yes, my baggage which my wife and kid checked in at Singapore Changi budget terminal on 28-Nov-2011 was not received in Trichirapally airport. They lodged complaint in trichi airport. When I tried to find lost and found assistance in Singapore, there is no such facility by Tiger airways unless I claim by writing. The baggage contained Kid's medicine, health documents and other needs which are critical for my kid's well being. No one in the airport took it seriously when I approached them. We suspect that the counter staff didnot attach the baggage tag to it while check in on flight TR 2662 on 28-Nov-2011. I am keep trying to figure out where is it lost.

  2. Anonymous26/2/12

    lorena l. velasco feb 26,2012

    when i check in clark pampanga airport,i was hold by the immigration.then i forgot to inform the the tiger airways about my luggage.then my luggage is in hongkong.what can i do.

  3. Anonymous26/2/12

    what email ad should i go.

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  5. Anonymous20/1/14

    My 18 year old sister and her partner flew to the Gold Coast yesterday 20/01/14 and upon arriving her bag was missing/lost, we've done everything we can from Sydney, with no replie's what so ever from the airline, all they keep saying is they'll try track it down and get back to us, no replies what so ever, it's not a nice way to spend your first trip as a couple away, I did arn them not to fly with Tiger as they have a bad rep, but being fresh Graduates from school and only new to the work force, thats all they could afford, and with no family around them to help them out, I only wish they took my advice. Yes I know this happens alot, but its the way the airlines handle it that really ticks me off..

    From a Concern Sister.

  6. Yes tiger airways treat this case terribly.Flying from Hong Kong to Singapore. Even the contacts they given to us, no ones answer at all. More funny is the person incharge at SG tiger airways told me that no one answer phone calls over Hongkong, and ask me to call myself. What a fucking joke! This is the answer they gave me. I am really pissed off. They ask me to wait 28 days for them to fully understand the situation and get back to me then, before that, i can just sit down at home waiting. It made me really mad as there are so many things i've check into. Apple laptops ( bought few days only ) , 2 branded bags, all my new clothings etc. I would rate the customer service as bad as it would be, probably the worst. Thumbs down for them!